Hello everyone :) hope 2019 has been treating you well so far. And may Allah ease our affairs, to achieve our targets and become a better version of ourselves inshaallah.

Updating my blog here more frequently is not really one of my new year resolutions haha. but I guess it wouldnt harm anyone to add it in the list hehe. So heres to more blogging in 2019 inshaallah! :)

Just to share a hadith we've been learning in our usrah recenly, which is hadith 13 from Imam Nawawi.
On the authority of Abi Hamza Anas bin Malik, the servant of the messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) from the prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) who said: “None of you [truly] believes until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself
(Reported in Bukhari and Muslim)

The first time I read this hadith was probably during school. Second time maybe during early years of usrah. The thing about usrah is that the longer we follow the system, we continue to learn the basics of Islam, deeper and deeper each time (may Allah guide us always inshaallah). 

So anyway, about this hadith, learning it a few times, I couldnt help but to reflect on how we can apply it in our lives. The thing about us humans is that we cannot live in silos. We were created along with other human beings, we do not live in a world of our own. So whether we like it or not, interaction with other people is a must. So heres something to ponder upon;

If you like to be respected, you respect people
If you like to be treated well, you treat people well
If you like people to greet you with a smile, you greet people with a smile
If you like receiving gifts, you give gifts to other people
If you like people to call you by your name, you call people by their name
If you like to see the toilet clean for you, you leave it clean for other people (haha)

And the list goes on. As simple as that. Well of course the hadith goes deeper into topics of faith and believers, but I'd say this is a simple way of understanding it, and directly applying it in our lives - to everyone we meet, no matter what faith they hold on to. So if this is how we think when we meet strangers, imagine how we would treat our fellow believers? It creates an absolutely beautiful world.

May we become better each day inshaallah.




I read Aida Azlin's love letter today and subhanallah, twas such a good reminder. I've been pretty much out of the serene mood these past few days, not sure why exactly. Maybe because im having my period, maybe other things like work or relationships, maybe just because.

One of Atiq's post on her instagram feed was about an arabic song called, Ya Ilahi. Its one of my favourite songs - I used to listen to it everyday during my undergrad days, morning and night until I get bored or a new song captures my attention. The song is beautiful because it calls upon Allah, speaks to Allah, asking for forgiveness and blessings. Its actually what our salah, our prayers are supposed to be for. But being the ever-forgetful humans, we tend to pray so quickly, all these feelings dont come to us when we pray.

Here's the link on youtube. Have a look if you have some time :) I tried to find it on spotify but couldn't find it. Kecewa sikit huhu

So yes, at times when we feel lost, feel like there's a void in our hearts, know that, the heart longs for its Creator.
If you come walking to Me, I will come running to you..
May we all find Allah in our lives.



This song's currently on repeat on my spotify for weeks now heh
I'd climb every mountain
Swim every ocean
Just to be with you
And fix what I've broken
Cuz I need you to see
That you are the reason
 Simply because its a beautiful song :)




Lately we've been hearing a lot of stories of important and known public figures passing away due to illnesses, some specifically cancers. They passed away at quite young age. Innalillahi wa inna ilaihi rajiuun. May Allah have mercy on their souls and place them among the forgiven.

It actually came to me that I feel somewhat jealous? envious? to these special people, because they were given a heads up of when they would be meeting their Lord. And because they have this in mind, their whole body and mind is geared up to the meeting. I mean, if they are Muslims, they would be taking up opportunities to do more charity, asking forgiveness and simply doing more deeds. Time to cleanse the soul.

Whereas us? The so-called healthy, active, b-u-s-y with this world, too busy to even read the Quran on a daily basis, too busy to check on our neighbour starving of food. We dont have an inkling idea when our time would come. Basically when death comes to us, we would be caught red-handed (if we were doing wrong things), totally unprepared. Na'uzubillah.

So to me, having an illness, be it terminal or not, is always always a blessing in disguise. Its hard to take, painful at times, but its most probably one of the best gifts from God to us mortal beings.
Wallahua'lam. This is me, being reminded of death, every now and again, taking some time to actually let it sink in.

May your weekend be blessed with love and health, and plenty of remembrance of God!



Sesekali aku merungut pada ummi,

Aku: Ummi, penat lah tiap2 malam keluar utk ****h
Ummi: Bukan tiap2 malam pun kan? Mungkin Allah nak suruh ganti balik masa yang lama rehat haritu kot?
Dush! Ambik kau sebijik. Hehe. Ok ummi, thanks for the reminder.

I will go on, for now. Sbb aku tak tahu bila lagi datang peluang amal sebgini. Tak dapat diramal masa hadapan, mungkin ini salah satu hikmahnya barangkali. Tak tahu bila mati, supaya kita terus bersedia dengan beramal setiap hari.

I just hope I dont burn out too soon. Sebab jalan masih panjang. Memerlukan nafas yang panjang. Dan bekalan yang secukupnya.

Permudahkan jalan ku Ya Rabb





Hope this post finds you in the best of health and imaan :)

I hope its not too late to wish everyone Eid Mubarak! May Allah accept the deeds from me and you inshaallah, ameen.

Something that I want to share, actually I reflected on during khutbah of the Eid prayers the other day. After glorifying Allah, the Khatib went on mentioning that today (Eid day), Allah telah mengharamkan untuk kita berpuasa. Okey lets think about that for a sec. Dalam bulan Ramadhan, Allah telah mewajibkan kita utk berpuasa, sepertimana orang2 terdahulu berpuasa. Dan dalam Ramadhan juga, Allah kurniakan nikmat pahala berlipat kali ganda, Allah menjanjikan keampunan untuk mereka yg berpuasa dgn iman dan pengharapan. Macam-macam Allah bagi. Especially during the last 10 nights, kita semua bertungkus lumus beramal mencari malam alQadr. Dah tentu, sbg manusia yang penuh dosa dan selalu lalai, kita semua berlumba-lumba berbuat amal kebaikan sebaik mungkin, sedaya yang termampu. And then suddenly, when Eid comes, Allah seolah-olah kata, stop; hari ini hari kemenangan untuk kamu semua. Diharamkan berpuasa ke atas kamu. Can you imagine? At our peaks of amal, tengah syok2 merasai kemanisan beramal, Allah suruh stop. Bukan sekadar stop biasa2, this is harraaamm (gaya Baba Ali), i.e berdosa kalau puasa tau.

Disitu, ketaatan seorang hamba akan terlihat. Mungkin ramai akan mengatakan ia mudah, kerana berpuasa itu sesuatu yang sukar. Satu kelegaan barangkali. Tetapi bila bertanya sang hati yang sudah tenggelam dalam manisnya beramal dan mencari cinta Rabbnya, dia hanya tertunduk pasrah dengan arahan Sang Pencipta. Dia akur, menangisi perginya Ramadhan yang penuh keberkatan.

Then again, hari raya adalah hari kemenangan, mestilah disambut dengan kegembiraan. Maka kita semua menyambut dengan penuh rasa syukur, membesarkan Allah swt.

A reflection on eid.

Taqabbalallahu minna wa minkum :)




Today I went to UIA Gombak for a meeting on one of our research projects. For the record, it was actually my first time in UIA, so I was pretty excited. Alhamdulillah, it was a lovely place! Everything just looked so beautiful, the place was so calm. Though the buildings were old and some were even rusty, they had so much value in them. And the masjid was the centre of the university, bringing so much significance to the whole place.

Thinking of it, I’ve always loved going to universities, even if it was just for visits. Sometimes when we were kids, we would follow ummi or abah to their office. I would always be in awe; always looking up to everyone I met along the way – be it students or lecturers, even the makcik cleaners too; always inspired by the surroundings of knowledge. I felt a sense of pride, a feeling of enlightenment, excitement when strolling in the walkways of universities. Do you feel anything like I do? Ive never really noticed it before. Anyways, alhamdulillah rezeki dapat jugak belajar smpi masuk university, and alhamdulillah I graduated though a little bit late than my friends huhu. 

Speaking of universities (or libraries – I love libraries too!), I reflected that knowledge is what made me feel in such way. Knowledge is something very powerful; it is the means whereby Allah lifts up the status of human beings. Allah even begins the Quran with an aayah on knowledge; Iqra’. How beautiful is that? If we look at the seerah of Islam itself, Islam was at the highest peak during the times of Abasiyyah and Uthmaniyyah rulings, where the capitals were also the centre of knowledge. The Muslim scholars were the celebrities, the icon of an advanced nation. They were also the fashion icon too - which is why when we graduate from universities, we wear a robe; a symbol of knowledge :)

So having written all this, I do miss being a student, even once considered quitting work with the governement to join university. But until now, I’m still working with the governement hehe. Allah knows best. 

Sekian coretan harini. Ok masa utk berbuka. Selamat berbuka semua :)